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Now Offering Complimentary Hair Styling With Hair Transplant

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At Lieberman & Parikh Center For Hair Restoration, our goal is to help you look and feel your very best which is why we offer integrated services that produce complete results.

We’ve recently teamed up with the fine folks at 18 I 8 Fine Men’s Salon to provide complimentary hair styling and haircuts to all patients who get a NeoGraft hair transplant.

Men and Women who have experienced hair loss can feel overwhelmed when new hair starts growing in their hairline and other areas of the head that they have been trying to hide for so long. Getting professional hair styling advice can be a huge hand-up in the transformation process.

Pre-Transplant Hair Cut Or Shave

When you schedule your hair transplant, our patient care coordinator will explain the entire hair restoration process which begins with a pre-transplant cut or shave.

This first complimentary hair session will be a day or two before your scheduled hair transplant, and depending on your current hair style, you will get either a #1 or #2 shave in the back and a customized style in the front.

The reason for the close shave in the back is that a short cut makes it more efficient for our providers to extract hair follicles in a pattern that is least disruptive to your overall appearance.

Post-Transplant Complimentary Hair Styling and Hair Cut

If you want to know what happens immediately after your hair transplant, check out this article which explains what do with your hair in the days immediately after your transplant.

In 3 to 6 months after your transplant, you will start noticing a considerable amount of new hair growth and may need some hair styling support.

At this time, our patient care coordinator will help you schedule your second complimentary hair styling session and hair cut with an experienced 18I8 hair stylist. At this appointment, your stylist will give you a new hair cut that integrates the new hair and give you styling tips for when even more hair grows in.

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If you’d like more information on complimentary hair styling before and after your hair transplant, please call our Palo Alto or San Jose office at (650) 327-3232 or send us a quick email.