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Hair Restoration & Hair Regrowth

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Hair Restoration & Hair Regrowth

With many men and women experiencing hair loss each year, hair restoration options are plentiful and hair restoration often mean different things to different people. The gold standard treatment for hair loss is follicular unit extraction (FUE) which the surgeons at L&P Aesthetics specialize in performing.

However, there are many hair regrowth options that do not involve a surgical procedure. For more information on surgical and nonsurgical hair restoration options, please call L&P Aesthetics: (650) 327-3232.

What to Expect During the Procedure

FUE hair restoration is a blend of science and art. It takes great skill by your provider to be able to achieve the natural and effective results that you want which is where our hair restoration specialists come in.

A FUE hair transplant allows you to add your own hair back into places where it has stopped growing or is thinning. Once your own hair is transplanted, it will grow as normal, letting you reverse the visual effects of hair loss without leaving a strip scar, stitches, or lingering numbness.

At L&P Aesthetics, we are proud to offer NeoGraft, the most innovative and effective semi-automatic hair restoration system available on the market today, which is part of our POPULATE Hair Program, exclusively available from our doctors.

Why L&P For Hair Restoration & Hair Regrowth?

As facial plastic surgeons, Drs. Lieberman, Parikh, and Curti have extensive knowledge of cranial anatomy and understand the role hair plays in facial balance and attractiveness. And while there are many large organizations that offer hair restoration, there are few practices in San Francisco Bay Area where you can receive a fully customized treatment with providers who will be with you from consultation to treatment and to every post-care visit to potentially beyond. Every patient at L&P Aesthetics who enters the POPULATE Hair Program receives the attention and benefits of our hair restoration experts.

Hair Restoration & Hair Regrowth Before and After Gallery

View real results from real patients below.

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Male Rhinoplasty & Hair Transplant

This handsome man underwent a hair transplant with Drs. L&P a year ago and a rhinoplasty a few months later. He doesn’t look like a different guy but more refreshed and confident. He was a great candidate for a hair transplant because he was just starting to see significant hair loss and was in excellent health. Also, notice how his nose now fits his face while still maintaining its masculine shape.

More Hair For Younger Male

This patient from San Francisco began losing hair in his 20’s and wanted to do something about it before the hair follicles became totally inactive. Fortunately, he found Drs. Lieberman and Parikh who were able to give him a successful hair transplant focusing mostly on the crown of the head. The patient loves his results and says that his confidence has been restored.

Hair Restoration for Silicon Valley Executive

This Silicon Valley executive came to Drs. Lieberman & Parikh because he was feeling very old around his younger co-workers and wanted to make a change. Through hair restoration, the doctors were able to bring more fullness to his hair and restore his confidence.

Recovery and Beyond

While every person is different, many hair restoration patients come to our Palo Alto and Los Gatos offices seeking treatments for female or male pattern baldness, and often people in the early stages of hair loss or hair thinning, are not ready to undergo a full hair transplant. Through many years of experience, our surgeons have found that a multi-modality treatment plan is most effective in preventing future hair loss. Our STIMULATE Hair Program is a nonsurgical alternative to hair transplant that combines several hair loss prevention options such as Rogaine, Propecia, Finasteride, and others. During your consultation, Dr. Lieberman, Parikh, or Curti will review your level of hair loss, goals, and budget to decide if a hair transplant or a customized STIMULATE Hair program would be best for you.

Why L&P For Hair Restoration & Hair Regrowth?

NeoGraft and other FUE technologies have increased in popularity over the last 20 years, and if you get a hair transplant today, chances are good that you’ll have the choice between a traditional strip harvesting method (FUT) and an FUE method like NeoGraft.

FUE hair transplantation involves removing hairs from the back and sides of your head (known as the “donor site”) and transplanting them into areas with thinning or no hair, such as the frontal hairline, temples and crown of your scalp.

While extracting healthy hair follicles can be done by hand, the NeoGraft improves on the manual technique by using a negative pressure system to precisely and rapidly extract each hair follicle. The hair follicles are removed completely intact with minimal trauma to the surrounding scalp.

Instead of a strip scar, NeoGraft leaves hundreds of extremely small scars in the donor areas which heal very quickly. Most of these incision points are so small that they’re completely unnoticeable. 

There are several advantages to our POPULATE Hair Program which includes FUE using the NeoGraft system:

  • FUE is minimally invasive.
  • FUE is less uncomfortable than FUT. Without a scalpel or long incision, the procedure is more tolerable for the patient and produces far less discomfort.
  • With the NeoGraft system, your FUE has a shorter recovery period. People usually recover faster after a NeoGraft hair transplant than after a traditional hair transplant, largely because the procedure itself is far less invasive.
  • FUE with our surgeons produces a natural-looking hairline that doesn’t look like the result of a cosmetic procedure.
  • FUE is becoming more affordable every year. Although FUE hair transplants were once very expensive, they’re becoming more accessible as more people choose to use FUE technology instead of traditional strip hair follicle harvesting.