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The Hair Transplant Experience

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Get an Inside Look at the Lieberman & Parikh Center for Hair Restoration

Patients choose the Lieberman & Parikh Center for Hair Restoration for hair transplant procedures because of the natural-looking results coupled with the doctors’ reputation for quality work done in a safe and welcoming environment.

Still, many patients feel most comfortable knowing what they can specifically expect when they sign up for a hair transplant.

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What to Expect During the The Hair Transplant Consultation

To make the best decision regarding hair restoration, you must fully understand the treatment options available and the process of medical or surgical hair treatment that matches your unique situation. To accomplish this, we gear your consultation toward education so that you are equipped with the information needed to make the best decision.

During your consultation, you will spend time with one of the doctors as well as one of our patient care coordinators. During your meeting with either Dr. David Lieberman or Dr. Sachin Parikh, the doctor will evaluate your scalp, assess any pattern of hair loss (how fast and from where you’re losing your hair), and establish your medical history and goals. All of this information will be factored into determining whether or not you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant.

If you are, the doctor will continue evaluating your hair density and pattern, noting the state of your crown and vertex, as well as checking the potential donor sites. This can help estimate the number of sessions needed to restore your hair, which will, in turn, determine pricing. Both doctors have devoted their lives to facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and to helping their patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Our aim is to set realistic expectations for natural and robust hair restoration and then deliver those results.

You will also speak with one of our patient care coordinators, who will expand on the details of a hair transplant and explain FUE (follicular unit extraction) and the NeoGraft® technology that sets the procedure apart from other, less-advanced restoration methods. You may also watch a short video highlighting the differences between FUE and FUT (follicular unit transplant), as time allows.

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Why L&P For The Hair Transplant Itself?

We inform our patients — in person and on our website — what to do and expect in the weeks before their hair transplant procedure. Following the guidelines is essential to maximizing your health and the procedure’s results.

When you arrive for your hair transplant, you will be made comfortable and given an opportunity to get settled. The process begins by numbing the scalp. General anesthesia or an IV is not necessary, so you will remain awake throughout your procedure. Pain medication is available, though most patients find that the sensations they experience are more uncomfortable than painful. You are free to occupy yourself during the session, so you may want to bring a book, tablet, or similar diversion to use during your hair transplant.

Depending on the scope, the process can take three to eight hours. Longer sessions will be broken up by breaks, particularly since the hair transplant process is itself divided into two phases.

Once it’s completed, you’ll be free to leave with a responsible adult who can transport you and ensure you arrive safely at your destination. In the following days, your scalp will heal, the transplanted hairs will take root and fall out, and new growth will begin within a few months.

Hair Transplant Before and After Gallery

View real results from real patients below.

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More Hair For Younger Male

This patient from San Francisco began losing hair in his 20’s and wanted to do something about it before the hair follicles became totally inactive. Fortunately, he found Drs. Lieberman and Parikh who were able to give him a successful hair transplant focusing mostly on the crown of the head. The patient loves his results and says that his confidence has been restored.

Hair Restoration for Silicon Valley Executive

This Silicon Valley executive came to Drs. Lieberman & Parikh because he was feeling very old around his younger co-workers and wanted to make a change. Through hair restoration, the doctors were able to bring more fullness to his hair and restore his confidence.

Dramatic Results for Young Man Wanting Hair Restoration

This patient of ours was having front hair loss and wanted to fill in the gaps, he felt much more confident after taking care of these small details in his appearance that made a big difference.

Hair Restoration before and after treatment

Two Days After Hair Restoration

Many patients want to know what their hair will look like immediately after a NeoGraft hair transplant. These photo show the shaved hair style this patient chose to get before the transplant and what he looked like two days afterwards. At three days, this patient felt comfortable returning to work.

Hair Restoration before and after treatment

38-Year-Old Male Gets 2200 Grafts

This 38-Year-old male from Silicon Valley found Drs. Lieberman and Parikh after he did intense research for the best hair restoration surgeons in Northern California. His hairline was receeding faster than he wanted and the overall coverage was thinning out. He got a hair transplant of 2200 grafts and is ecstatic about the results.

Managing the Cost of a Hair Transplant

Since hereditary hair loss in men progresses in a roughly predictable pattern, Dr. David Lieberman and Dr. Sachin Parikh can work with patients who deal with this condition to assess the current status of their hair and predict where the problem will worsen. The more hair permanently lost, the larger in scope the restoration procedure will need to be.

Looking ahead can help you consider the details of your procedure, allowing you to work hair restoration costs into your future plans.